About Us

FUNacho is an international brand of cheese, chili, chips and condiments that provides
consistent premium products and customer recognition. We began as a network of independent
territory franchisees in 1988. Over the past 30 years, we have evolved into a
multi-million-dollar company utilizing global distributors to service our growing list of
international customers.

We offer a full line of snack and vending products and equipment serving all channels of the foodservice marketplace both domestically and internationally. Our customers include convenience stores and movie theaters as well as sports and entertainment venues.


We have cheese sauces for everything you serve! Whether you need dispenser cheese products, portion control cups or pillow pouches for your steam table, we have you covered. FUNacho. Where innovation meets convenience.


You won't find a better dispenser chili anywhere! Our chili sauce offers a robust chili flavor thanks to a variety of spices working together. It is the perfect topping for nachos, hot dogs and fries. FUNacho. Making food fun.


Cheese and chili sauces are even better with profit enhancing condiments including salsa and jalapenos. From perfectly pickled peppers to garden fresh salsa, we have everything you need. FUNacho. Simple ingredients. Great taste.


Whether you need bulk chips or portion control, our round tortilla chips are the best. FUNacho. Heat up your profits!

Cartridge Cheese and Chili Dispensers

Our cartridge dispenser features newly patented technology sure to heat up your profits! It is perfect for all of your nacho cheese and chili dispensing needs, delivering twin-head performance in a small 10 inch footprint.

Bag Cheese and Chili Dispensers

Our bag dispenser is perfect for your nacho cheese or chili dispensing needs. This single head peristaltic pump machine features quick reloading of bags with three-button control for adjustable flow.

Experience the difference

your Concession Industry partner

With the spirit of innovation, and a customer-first approach, we have become a leading provider of snack and vending products around the globe.

Our customers include c-stores, movie theatres, sports venues and many other businesses within the hospitality industry.