About Us

FUNacho is an international brand of cheese, chili, chips and condiments that provides consistent premium products and customer recognition.

We began as a network of independent territory franchisees in 1988. Over the past 30 years, we have evolved into a multi-million-dollar company utilizing global distributors to service our growing list of international customers.

We offer a full line of snack and vending products and equipment serving all channels of the foodservice marketplace both domestically and internationally. Our customers include convenience stores and movie theaters as well as sports and entertainment venues.

Whether you are a large national chain or small independent buyer, our network of distribution supports our clients regardless of size or volume.

As a family owned business for all our three decades in business, we value relationships. We have partnered with many of our existing customers to develop new products or change existing ones. Our approach to diversify our product line is a direct result of customer feedback. We strive to meet the changing demands of the food service marketplace. As a privately-owned company, we offer the flexibility, service and responsiveness that Fortune 500 and private equity companies simply cannot provide.

Our goal is to maximize advances in technology to maintain and increase our market share, while simultaneously enhancing the revenue of our clients. Our customers delight in the increased revenue our products generate. We appreciate the loyalty that we have garnered in over 30 years of dedicated service to our customers.

Try FUNacho brand products and heat up your profits.