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Cheesy Fall Recipes

Ahhh, October. Beautiful changing foliage, sweater weather, and celebrations the world over. Octoberfest may be winding down in Munich, but cities around the globe are continuing to celebrate this German tradition all month long. What’s an Octoberfest celebration without beer? Of course, imbibing requires proper accouterments. While cheese is the pairing of choice for wine, many people fail to realize it’s also the perfect compliment for all things beer. If you’re hosting a Bavarian-themed party this month but need something more appetizing than liver meatloaf and cabbage rolls, here are some quick and easy Bavarian-inspired appetizers that are sure to please your crowd whether young or old. 

Simple FUNacho Cheese & Mustard Dip

No Octoberfest celebration is complete without Bavarian pretzels, and pretzels were made to be dipped. How do you dip? Be it cheese, mustard or mustard cheese; there’s no cumbersome recipe required. We like to mix a few cups of FUNacho Mild or FUNacho Spicy Nacho Cheese Sauce with a bit of yellow mustard. Since everyone likes a different ratio of mustard to cheese, simply adjust the ratio to your liking. 

Crockpot Beer Cheese Fondue

Looking for a crudité dip other than ranch? Try this simple German beer cheese fondue recipe. Pour 8-10 FUNacho cheese cups in your crockpot (we like Spicy Nacho Cheese Sauce for this one). Add your favorite bottle of German lager, and season to taste.  Our family enjoys adding some sautéed garlic and onion to kick up the flavor. Heat, and voila, a delicious beer cheese fondue to pair with your favorite German vegetables and meats. Think radishes, apples, and sausages.

Cheesy Frikadellen Spread

Looking for something a bit heartier? Brown a pound of ground beef and a pound of ground pork sausage in the skillet, drain the grease. Place the browned meats and 4-6 cheese cups in your crockpot. Warm, and spread this decadent cheesy treat on your favorite party rye. Serve with radishes and chives in true Bavarian style.


There are plenty of ways to keep the kids happy with German food fun. German spaetzle with FUNacho Mild Nacho Cheese Sauce is the perfect substitute for traditional mac-n-cheese. Whether you make spaetzle from scratch or buy it ready-made, mix in some cheese cups and bake.  Before you serve this gooey, delicious treat, sprinkle the top with parsley, chives or basil for the perfect kid-friendly side dish or casserole.

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