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FUNacho Cartridge Dispenser Brings Home Two Gold Awards at NACD

TricorBraun Wins NACD Best of Show, Best Custom and Best Stock Packaging Awards

In Addition to Top Three Awards, Packaging Leader Wins More Gold Awards Than Any Other Distributor

St. Louis, MO, June 1, 2020 – TricorBraun, a global packaging leader, garnered the top three awards in the 2020 National Association of Container Distributors (NACD) Packaging Awards: Best of Show, Best Use of Custom Packaging (Gold Award), and Best Use of Stock Packaging (Gold Award). In total, TricorBraun received a company record of 13 NACD awards, including Best of Show, six Gold Awards, five Silver Awards and one Bronze Award. The company received the most awards given to a distributor, and more Gold Awards than any other distributor. This year’s Best of Show Award marks the 12th time that TricorBraun has been recognized with the prestigious award, the highest honor NACD bestows to a packaging distributor.

“On behalf of the best team of packaging professionals in the world, TricorBraun is incredibly honored to receive this recognition,” said Court Carruthers, president and CEO, TricorBraun. “It is a testament to our strong customer partnerships, and the dedication and hard work we devote to developing and sourcing packaging solutions that help our customers win.”

TricorBraun’s 2020 FUNacho NACD Packaging Awards are:

Best Use of Custom Packaging (Gold Award) and Food Category (Gold Award) – FUNacho
Best Use of Custom Packaging (Gold Award) and Food Category (Gold Award) – FUNacho

TricorBraun designed an innovative new delivery system for the FUNacho chili and cheese sauce sold in convenience stores, stadiums, and movie theaters around the world. The new system replaces awkward and unwieldy bags with 75-ounce bottles that are simple to use. One bottle of each sauce goes into the bottom chamber for use; a second set of filled bottles preheats in the top chamber until the bottle below is empty and needs replacing. This new delivery system is ergonomic and makes is easy for the end user to insert new and remove used bottles. In addition, this new design allows for evacuation of nearly all of the product.

About the NACD Packaging Awards
The annual NACD Packaging Awards recognize the most innovative packages released during the previous year. Awards are given to the top three containers in each category. Categories include: Beverage/Spirit, Beverage/Non-Spirit, Cosmetic & Personal Care, Drug & Pharmaceutical, Food, General Industrial, Household, Chemical & Auto, Pet & Vet, Nutritional, Novelty, Best Use of Custom Packaging, and Best Use of Stock Packaging.

About FUNacho

Founded in 1988, FUNacho is a, international brand of cheese and chili products serving the convenience, foodservice, hospitality and entertainment industries. The FUNacho cartridge dispenser provides an innovative solution to laborious dispensers that require multiple hoses and valves for successful dispensing. Cartridges are conveniently loaded in less than a minute. As a privately owned company, FUNacho believes in an innovative customer-first approach that is often lost with large conglomerates.

About TricorBraun
Founded in 1902, TricorBraun is North America’s largest distributor of primary packaging and a portfolio company of AEA Investors. The company provides innovative solutions across a wide array of customer end markets in plastic and glass containers, closures, dispensers, tubes and flexibles. TricorBraun operates from 50 locations globally. Their award-winning Design & Engineering Center provides forward-thinking design, driven by consumer insight and creative solutions. Other services include global sourcing, manufacturing oversight and global supply chain programs.

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