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FUNacho to Introduce New Patented Dual Head Food Dispenser for C-Stores at NACS 2019

HEBRON, KY (October 1, 2019) – FUNacho, a global supplier of concession food dispensers and products including cheese, chili, and condiments, is announcing the commercial availability of its patented new chili/cheese sauce dispenser at NACS 2019. The innovative dispenser utilizes bottle type cartridges for product containment and produces superior extraction rates compared to gravity fed bag dispensers. Food products contained in FUNacho cartridges are shelf-stable and eliminate pathogenic concerns.


The new dispenser is simple to load with no hoses to position or connect. The operator removes the cap from the cartridge, places a new dispensing valve on, slides the cartridges into the dispenser, and closes the door. The unit is then ready to use.


The FUNacho dispenser holds a total of 300 ounces of product and features dual dispensing heads in a 10-inch-wide footprint. Two 75 oz cartridges are situated side-by-side on a lower tray and dispense warmed cheese sauce and/or chili. Two additional cartridges can be stored and simultaneously pre-heated on an upper tray. When the lower cartridges empty, they are simply removed from the dispenser and replaced with the ready-to-serve product from the upper tray. All FUNacho cartridges are fully recyclable.


FUNacho will be exhibiting at the NACS Show 2019 being held October 1-4, 2019 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. FUNacho will exhibit in booth #8816.


About FUNacho

FUNacho is a global supplier of concession food dispensers and products including cheese, chili, and condiments. The company offers a patented dual head food dispenser that uses bottle type cartridges; as well as a peristaltic pump dispenser that uses bagged product. 


Products include cheese sauces in bags, cartridges and portion control cups, chili sauces in bags and cartridges, as well as nacho tortilla chips and various complementary condiments. Customers include c-stores, movie theatres, sports venues, and other businesses within the hospitality industry.




Funacho Global Headquarters

2000 Conner Road

Suite 140

Hebron, KY 41048

+1 800 386 2246

+1 513 241-9300 Ext. 26


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