Chili Is the Jelly to Football’s Peanut Butter

The Consummate Football Food Chili is the jelly to football’s peanut butter. Why does football conjure up images of heaping bowls of chili? Perhaps it’s the ease of feeding a party crowd. Maybe it’s the fact that chili can be topped with so many different ingredients that it’s sure to please the kids as well […]

10 Reasons Why You Need a Nacho Cheese Sauce Dispenser for Your Holiday Party

Popcorn machines are so yesterday.   Your teenage kids will think you’re cool again.   Cheese goes great with beer and wine.   You can serve 100 guests and never break a sweat.   Baked potato bar, anyone.   Our cheese sauce is allergy friendly – gluten free and trans-fat free.   The dispenser and […]

Cheesy Fall Recipes

Ahhh, October. Beautiful changing foliage, sweater weather, and celebrations the world over. Octoberfest may be winding down in Munich, but cities around the globe are continuing to celebrate this German tradition all month long. What’s an Octoberfest celebration without beer? Of course, imbibing requires proper accouterments. While cheese is the pairing of choice for wine, […]

FUNacho to Introduce New Patented Dual Head Food Dispenser for C-Stores at NACS 2019

HEBRON, KY (October 1, 2019) – FUNacho, a global supplier of concession food dispensers and products including cheese, chili, and condiments, is announcing the commercial availability of its patented new chili/cheese sauce dispenser at NACS 2019. The innovative dispenser utilizes bottle type cartridges for product containment and produces superior extraction rates compared to gravity fed […]